Embroidered Badger Project – Part 2


IMG_20180827_190029I’ve raced on with my badger and I’ve finished! He was such a joy to make, I love embroidering animals so much. It’s a bit different to my normal pieces, but I think I’m still finding my own style. I just love the ‘wise old badger’ impression he has and he just reminds me of old childhood memories of fairy tales and cuddly toys, badgers are very comforting to me.

I found that embroidering the white fur took a wee while longer than embroidering the black fur. I think it’s because the white thread shows shadows easier to I have to take a bit more care in where I place the stitches and the direction of the fur. I also tried using different techniques of filling in: using short stubble like stitches for the fur, and using long satin stitches for the nose.

This pen was an absolute god send as I kept hashing up the sketch of his face, so I kept IMG_20180828_132944having to heat it up with my hair dryer to make the shoddy lines disappear!

I decided to add a bit of grey instead of using black thread to add the tufts of the ears, and I’m quite chuffed with how they have turned out!

The glasses were definitely the trickiest part, I’m not a massive fan of filling in small spaces with satin stitch as you have less leeway for mistakes. I feel like the glasses could be a lot more neater but I outlined them in a light shade of brown to tidy them up a bit more. Also, I think the pipe could have been more curvy and more pipe-like but oh well.

00100dportrait_00100_burst20180829174210268_cover.jpgLet me know what project you think I should do next!

Thanks for reading and good-luck with all your embroidery endeavours!

Lorna x

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  1. mel says:

    It’s so cute! Love it!


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