Embroidery Inspirtation


I feel like I’m in a bit of a creative slump at the moment, so there’s no better excuse than this to talk about my favourite embroiderers and designers!

Kelly Ryan

https://www.kellryan.com (also featured image)

This woman makes literal magic with her hands! You can find her website here. She uses so many bright colours and her designs are so intricate that you see new details every time you look at them.


Just look at the intricacies that she’s added to the hand! I love how she doesn’t completely fill in spaces with colour but rather fill them with ‘confetti’ as she calls it. And the choices of colours are amazing, they really compliment each other and every colour sets each of them off.

Tessa Perlow

tumblr_ogjwc0OH6A1qas1mto1_r1_1280 (1)

You can find her etsy shop here. Tessa makes the most gorgeous unique designs with amazing beading and eyes. Her pieces remind me a lot of tarot cards, she blends really delicate flowers along with striking beaded eyes. I think this piece with the anatomical heart is amazing, the flowers provide a feminine touch whereas the heart adds a bit of a gruesome feel to the design, the eye is very much an evil eye that feels as if it’s staring into your soul.

Oh My Golly Embroidery


You can find Libby’s shop here. She makes the most striking embroidery pieces that remind me a lot of pop art. The big circles of bold colours instead of heads are so simple yet have such a great impact.


The fact that the blobs of colours are the only colours in her pieces is very clever. The bodies of the people are just simple black outlines, this just draws even more attention into the different coloured circles. Even though the characters don’t have faces, they all seem to have an individual character based on their gestures and stances.

Jess De Wahls


You can find Jess’s website here. By far my favourite embroiderer of all time. Jess combines delicate floral designs with big statement images. I am a massive fan of her ‘Big Swinging Ovaries’ pieces as they are so intricate yet make a shout about the feminist movement and being proud to be a woman.


I’d say the piece of the left is one of her most famous, I think she’s captured Frida Khalo’s eyes completely perfectly and it’s so clever how she combines her eyes and eyebrows into ovaries. The extra detailing she’s added around the edges are amazing in detail, everything is just perfect.

Hopefully that’s given you (and me) some inspiration, but remember, there’s nothing wrong with being in a creative rut!

Thanks for reading and good-luck with all your embroidery endeavours!

Lorna x

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  1. This is very creative


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