How To Embroider Roses – Woven Wheel Stitch


The woven wheel stitch is an amazing way to create roses – and it’s so easy! A bunch of these roses on long green stems can be even better than a real bunch of roses!

So without further a do, here’s how to embroider a woven wheel rose…

All you will need is a needle, thread and some fabric. I’m using a fruit of the loom tshirt, this thread and these needles.

00100dportrait_00100_burst20180826115625080_cover.jpg1 – Start by making five small stitches, all of the same length (this bit is crucial!) in a star shape.

00100dportrait_00100_burst20180826115717279_cover.jpg2 – Bring your needle up through the fabric just off from the centre of the five stitches.

00100dportrait_00100_burst20180826115745323_cover.jpg3 – You want to weave your needle over and below each of the five spools of the star, making sure not to go back into the fabric. The rose basically sits on top of the fabric while the five pointed star keeps the thread in place.

00100dportrait_00100_burst20180826115839611_cover.jpg4 – Keep on going until the spools are completely covered, and you will have a rose!

00100dportrait_00100_burst20180826120046256_cover.jpg5 – To finish, tuck the needle under the rose and push through so you can ‘cast-off’ your thread.


00100dPORTRAIT_00100_BURST20180826123750851_COVERI like to add some ‘accessories’ to my roses using french knots (you can find my tutorial on french knots here) in the middle and around the edges. You can do anything you like really, I also like to add some green leave underneath the rose heads to make them look even more like realistic roses.

Thanks for reading and good-luck with all your embroidery endeavours!

Lorna x



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