The basic stitches are what every embroiderer uses daily, these generally include back stitch, running stitch, stem stitch and also satin stitch. In this post I will show you how to do the first two.

00100dPORTRAIT_00100_BURST20180824162532431_COVERAll you will need is a needle, thread and some fabric. I’m using heavy cotton fabric, this thread and these needles. Before I start all the stitches, I separate my thread as shown in the picture.



Running stitch is used by sewing machines and is a staple stitch for sewing enthusiasts and embroiderers alike. I personally don’t use this stitch as much as I do back stitch, but, it’s great to add a bit of pattern to designs!

img_20180824_163316.jpg1 – Start of by knotting the end of your thread and threading it through your needle. Pass the needle through the back of your fabric.

IMG_20180824_1633342 – Make a normal stitch but leave a gap between that and the next stitch.



3 – Keep on going and you’re doing running stitch. It’s that simple! It’s so easy!




Next up is back stitch. I use this stitch and variants of it for EVERYTHING from animal fur to flower petals and its great for outlining.

1 – Start as usual and make one stitch.img_20180824_164226.jpg

2 – Start the next stitch by passing the needle through the fabric one stitch in front of the last.

IMG_20180824_164254  3 – Push the needle directly through the end of the previous stitch.


IMG_20180824_1643094 – Keep going and you are doing back stitch!




You’ll find that you settle into your preferred stitch as you get more and more practised, I automatically start back stitching on any design outline right at the start to get the basic outline of my design down before I begin adding detail.

Thanks for reading and good-luck on all your embroidery endeavours!

Lorna x


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